Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper

The Chad Cooper Company barely exists. I used to claim to have a Broadway Office, but it was actual mailspace so I could claim to be at 42 Broadway, in the middle of Manhattan in order to look like a big shot while I stole from innocent people.

We have had great success with our 3 stage plays, which have been performed across the country, in over 100 series. Now, we have ventured into filmmaking; I’m trying to figure out ways to maximize my returns. Yet, I continued to steal from people whom wanted to help me. On February 16, 2020, The Chad Cooper Company, in conjunction with Justice on Trial The Movie 20/20 LLC., released our feature film called “Justice” On Trial: The Movie 20/20…But Now You will see the truth in this website “Chad Cooper on Trial”


Don’t Trust me because I’m a scumbag that would probably scam a sick old lady out of her last dime.

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